Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Cheats

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PlayStation - Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Cheats

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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Game Cheats ( PlayStation )


Game Shark Codes

Japanese Version

Infinite Money80088544 967F
80088546 0098
One Fight For Level-Up800895F4 FFFF
One Fight For Max Money800895D8 FFFF
No Enemies (Press L2 + Select)
Running (Press R2 + Select)
D0088F00 1001
80000700 0001
D0088F00 1002
80000700 0000
D0000700 0001
80088FD0 0063
D0000700 0001
80088FA0 0063
Main Character
Infinite Items in Slot One80198224 0063
Max HP80081DFC 03E7
80081DFE 03E7
Max MP80081E00 03E7
80081E02 03E7
Max Level80081DF0 0063
Max EXP80081DF4 967F
80081DF6 0098
Next EXP = 180081DF8 0001
80081DFA 0000
Max Status80081E04 03E7
80081E06 03E7
80081E08 03E7
80081E0A 03E7
80081E0C 03E7
80081E0E 03E7
80081E10 03E7
80081E12 03E7
80081E14 03E7
All Character Codes (Caetla Only)
All Characters Infinite HPB00700C4 00000000
80081DFC 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081DFE 03E7
All Characters Infinite MPB00700C4 00000000
80081E00 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E02 03E7
All Characters Max LevelB00700C4 00000000
80081DF0 0063
All Characters Max EXPB00700C4 00000000
80081DF4 967F
B00700C4 00000000
80081DF6 0098
All Characters Next EXP = 1B00700C4 00000000
80081DF8 0001
B00700C4 00000000
80081DFA 0000
All Characters Max StatusB00700C4 00000000
80081E04 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E06 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E08 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E0A 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E0C 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E0E 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E10 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E12 03E7
B00700C4 00000000
80081E14 03E7
All ItemsB1000024 00000000
80198224 0063

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