Clash of clans developed by Supercell is one of the most popular games which can be played on both Android as well as IOS device. It is a fermium game that consistently ranks in the leaders charts of the most downloaded games in both the play store and app store. This video game is a fantasy game based on a virtual and persistent world created. The player is referred to as a chief whose purpose in the game is to develop the village, defend it or raid on its behalf. There are multiple levels and the player advances through these levels by developing his village, take the shortcut using our Clash of clans hack.

Our Clash of Clans Hack

The Clash of Clans game is an interactive game as well as a multiplayer game. The premise as stated earlier is to develop your clan village. As the chief of the village you are engaged in multiple activities to ensure that this is facilitated. There are various buildings and structures that are needs to be constructed. These structures are used for utility as well as for defense. There are different levels of these structures which the chief needs to construct which is done by paying up for the construction. Any of these construction activities involves builders who need to be paid to do an activity. The resources for payment to get the activity done are through various sources. The payment is done through the in app legal tender/ payment options which are gold coins, elixir, dark elixir and gems. These are earned in many ways. The gold coins can be mined through the gold mines which can be bought and constructed. These coins are stored in gold storages. Similarly the elixir and the dark elixir can be earned through the elixir drills and stored in elixir storage. These sources of resources and storage options can be enhanced through multiple stages by spending on builders to build and enhance them. These resources of gold and elixir can also be accumulated by raiding other villages as part of the real time multiplayer battles. These raids are conduct with the help of various warriors and weapons. Every player starts with a quota of Gems which can be further earned through various rewards for accomplishing activities as well as by clearing the clutter.

How to hack clash of clans gems

This need for additional gems but reluctance to go for the in app purchase makes the player to look for clash of clan hacks or clash of clan cheats which might enable the player to earn these additional gems without paying for them in the app. There are several options that are available online which claim to clash of clans’ hacks and advertise that by using these hacks once would be able to earn more gems as well as other resources. These cheat or hacks are developed by various independent developers working beyond the confines of the Cash of Clans’ apps and looking at finding options which would enable them to hack into the game and to increase the inventory of the resources.   One of the most available Clash of Clans cheats is an online option, where in the user is advised to access a particular online portal and provide the login information. As per the claims of the hackers they would be able to use this information and hack into the game to fill up the resources as required absolutely free. Many other Clash of Clans cheats advice on the same method where they ask f0r the login details stating that they would be able to do a clash of clans gem hack and increase the number of gems in the inventory.   One of the other types of hacks that are available is that, the player is asked to download a particular program and run it. As per the hackers who advise on this option, the downloaded program would run accessing the game information and fill up the inventory as needed.     However the reliability of any of these hacks is very much questionable. As stated earlier the developer of any of these Clash of clans hack or clash of clans cheats are individual developers and do not represent an established or trustworthy source except for the claims that they make. In few of the cases it has been observed that such links that are available claiming to be the hacks are mostly baits which require you spend much of time answering various survey questions. The user is made to go through many of these surveys luring them with a hope that the next step would help to unlock to a pool of clash of Clans gems and other resources.

Game developer stand on Clash of Clans hack

Supercell, the developers of Clash of Clans game have reiterated multiple times that the only way which the players can earn more gems is buying them through the in-app purchases in IOS Appstore or Android’s Play store. This statement highlights the fact that most of the Clash of clans cheats and hacks that are highlighted might not result in increasing of the inventory. The developers have been consistently working on upgrades which would identify any of the hacks and overcome those.   Few of the Clash of Clans hacks claim that they have been continuously ahead of the Supercell developers and are able to device hack codes which would help to hack the game. Any of the official upgrades for Supercell are being followed up with support and upgrade patches for the hacking programs developed by the hackers. There could be a possibility of these claims being true and working however the official game developers have be in a constant pursuit of eliminating these gaps and to make the game hack free.   Supercell has a very strict policy to counter these hacks. Any player’s account being found using these hacks would be suspended immediately. They are given a time frame where in the player would be required to remove all these hacks from the login. The failure of which in the stipulated time would lead to permanent ban of the account. After this ban the player would not be able to again play Clash of Clans game in either of IOS or Android. There is no option of appealing against this ban. Hence there is a very high risk of losing out on the whole game itself in pursuit of earning the additional gems via the hacks.

Clash of Clans cheats tool

Having gems would undoubtedly give the player an advantage over the other players. Filling up the inventory using the in app purchases would abide within the rules of the game and an advantage earned by those additional gems is still legal. However, trying to earn these gems via a hack would go against the concept of fair play. The player who uses one of the clash of clans cheats and manages to earn ( If the hack really works ) would gain an undue advantage over the players who would be shelling out money to get the additional gems or those players who wait patiently for the gems to be accumulated. Hence the stand taken by Supercell to be strict with those using any of the hacks is justifiable. It is advised that the players do understand the potential risk which they carry and not chose the option to hack.   Even going beyond the moral grounds or the potential of action being taken by the developers, it also needs to be noted that many of the supposedly claimed hacks do not actually work. They are mostly baits for you to answer up multiple surveys which would not be of any use for you but a time and effort waste. Many of these options require you to provide them with the login credentials the sharing of which can jeopardize your account. A more unwanted or a potential riskier situation is when you end up providing your personal details to unverified sources. These are a scope of improper utilization of these personal details. Hence it is strictly advised to refrain from providing any of the personal details in lure of the hacks. Hence it could either be at the risk of getting your account banned if caught by the Supercell developers or the potential risk of sharing details and the time effort ,it is advised not to go for any the Clash of clans cheats or hacks or rather play the game fairly by following the game rules.

Clash of  Clans Resources & the importance of gems

The resources of gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems are very important for the functioning of the village. These resources are used to bring in improvements in the village which includes construction activity of setting up and enhancing various buildings. By constructing more buildings and developing them one would earn more reward points enabling the user to advance in the game. All of this construction activity comes with a price paid through any of those payment options. Enhancing and training the troops would also require these resources. There are stipulated times for the completion of these activities which can be expedited by using up the gems. Many a times you would not want to wait for the construction activity to be completed in the specified times but want them to be completed earlier depending on the situational urgency of the game. Clash of clans Gems come in handy during these situations. Further, there are some situations in the game where the player does not have the required resources of gold, elixir or the dark elixir to complete an activity. If the player does not want to wait until the time all these required resources can be pooled up, they can go with the options of using up the gems to substitute for the deficit of the resources. Therefore the gems within the game can either be used to expedite an activity which could take longer time to complete or they can use the gems to fill up for the lack of other resources to initiate and complete an activity.

Earning Gems & resources in Clash of Clans:

The game developers have provided with ample options within the game to earn the resources. Gold, elixir and dark elixir can either be earned through mining and drilling activities within the village or by raiding other villages. The store of gems can be increased mostly by the rewards which are gained by various achievements in the game or sometimes by finding the gems when the clutter in the village is being cleared. The progression within the game is very much depended on the availability of these resources. More the resources, more can be spent on the various enhancement activities like constructing new buildings, enhancing the troops etc. Hence it is very much important that there are more and more of the resources. Of all these clash of clans gems are more important because of their usage in expediting the various activities that are happening around. The gems are also used to buy protective shields which would shield the village for a definite period of time against any of the outsider attacks. The number of gems that can be earned is in most cases not enough and the players are required to wait for longer duration to pool them up. To overcome these hindrances, the developers have provided the option of in-app purchases. The player would be able to buy the resources like gold, elixir and the gems by paying real time money in the Appstore for IOS and Playstore for Android. There are different packages that can be bought. The inclination or need to buy clash of clan gems in real time cash is more when compared with other resources because of the limited options to accumulate more gems as well as the immense potential that these gems have within the game to act as a catalyst in speeding up the activity. These gems are worth quite a bit of money and players who would not want to spend real currency for a virtual game. However if someone is quiet serious into this game, not having the additional resource of gems would severely hamper the progress in the game and may make the player to lag behind in comparison to the other players as this is a multiplayer game.