Nintendo E-shop codes are a fun way of accessing/ purchasing Nintendo games and applications. It entails purchasing a code from participating retailers and redeeming the code on the Nintendo Switch E-shop. It is a safe and more efficient way of acquiring Nintendo content as it does not entail giving away your credit card information which would leave you vulnerable to information theft. Having said that how do you access Nintendo E-shop codes? For starters, these codes are available at some select retailers both online and in stores near you. Whatever your preference might be. If you prefer online retailers, you can purchase these codes on Amazon, Best Buy, Game Stop, Target or Walmart while physical retailers include Kroger, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Safeway, and 7Eleven. Nintendo has also gone the extra mile by making acquisitions possible through PayPal.

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The E-shop codes are available in values of $10, $20, $35, and $50 depending on your liking. Once acquired, it will be easy to obtain Nintendo games and applications. It also ensures that there is availability of funds in your account for future purchases. However, it is important to note that the codes can only be redeemed on an active switch console. It’s also important to note that E-shop download codes are game/application specific and are non-transferable.

How to use our free eshop codes

Redeeming these codes is more of a downhill task, but there can be some few hiccups. Redeeming involves filling in the 16 digit code you receive from the retailer on your switch account and simply sending it to begin the download. Simple, right? Well, you might encounter some few challenges and here is how to go about them. As stated earlier, a code can only be redeemed on an active console. If you encounter an error message that says another console is set as the active console, you will have to deactivate that other console and set the current console as the active console. That is quite a mouthful, but I am sure the message is home. Other challenges you may well encounter with the codes include unrecognized codes, invalid codes or an error message stating that the software that corresponds with the code is not currently being distributed. These you can solve by contacting Nintendo support. In instances whereby you purchase a code for a discounted title, the balance/discount is automatically updated to your account. Pretty neat, right? Another interesting point about these codes is that retailer issued codes do not expire and thus can be redeemed any time one feels like. Only those issued out for a specific promotion have an expiry date. All this sounds lovely, but it gets better as you can access free codes and even generate them.

Free E-Shop Codes and Code Generators

From the name, one can gather that these are codes that enable you to access Nintendo games and applications without having to pay for them. Sounds illegal, but hey, it’s not like they will feel the pinch. But then again, this begs the question, how do you acquire these free codes? Here is where the generators come in. These will provide you with codes for different values and products for free. They are pretty easy to use seeing as you will not have to download any file since they are all web based. They are also pretty fast as they provide you with the codes in well under 5 minutes. For some of these generators, all that’s required of you is an email address and to select the value of the code you would love to generate. For the email, we would advise you to use a separate email and not your official email. However, other generators will require more from you, including sharing their link on social media platforms to answering a short survey. They will also limit your ability to generate an Eshop code to one a day so as to create a feeling of urgency. We would advise against these since the survey is a means for them to collect information about you, which they later sell to corporations. E-shop codes are fascinating. Thanks to them, acquiring Nintendo games has never been easier. Hopefully, this piece has shed enough light on both free and paid download codes and it will help you in making a decision on which to use.